Due to insufficient contents of some nutrients or total absence of the nutrients in the meals we take, the individual is pushed to take supplements to provide the required amounts of the nutrients. Taking the additional nutrient providers can be for medical reasons as may be recommended by doctors and health practitioners or for personal gain and achievements. Expectant women, for instance, take iron and folic acid supplements to meet the high demand for iron by their bodies. On the other hand, special groups of people such as athletes, bodybuilders, and weight trainers among others have for a long time now been taking the creatine supplements, you can also visit this site for added information https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dietary_supplement.


 The supplements, when taken in the correct dosage and method, help the user to gain body and muscle mass. The creatinine gives results differently ion each depending on some factors such as genes, the mass of the body, amount and quality of daily physical exercises and diet among others. The supplements should be taken following the guide below.


The user should carefully read and understand the label on the package. The product should be taken in the recommended dosage, at the right time and without skipping any dose. Taking an overdose is a dangerous risk to take as it may lead to side effects such as diarrhea, vomiting and severe cramping. The dosage of 100% pure creatine monohydrate is a teaspoonful of the supplement. Overdosage also leads to an overworked kidney that has to work overtime just to eliminate the excess supplement in the body as well as wastage of resources. Under dosage, on the other hand, delays the desired results and what protein products can easily provide that.


The supplement is mixed with eight water ounces during usage or high fructose content fruit juice such as mango or guava juices as may be desired by the user. The fructose is meant to help the body to quickly absorb the supplement hence faster metabolism of the product whose dosage is three to five grams daily.


The supplement should be thoroughly mixed with the water or any other fluid to ensure maximum absorption by the body.


Staying properly hydrated when on a creatine program is the way to go. The user of the supplement should avoid alcohol at all costs and take lots and lots of water. When alcohol is consumed during this period, it deprives the body of water thereby dehydrating the muscle which is the last thing a user wants especially at this time. If a user experiences severe side effects, they can change the brand or reduce the dosage. So try to purchase products from what protein to enjoy the different advantages.